Samsung Washer Dryer WD90N645OOX/EU Smart 9 kg – Graphite, Graphite


Top features: – QuickDrive gets the same wash performance in less time – Wash at cooler temperatures with ecobubble technology – AddWash door lets you add clothing after the wash has already started – Smart control on your smarthone can monitor the washing from anywhere QuickDrive With QuickDrive, water is pulsed through the Samsung QuickDrive + Addwash WD90N645OOX Smart 9 kg Washer Dryer during washing, seeping the detergent into your clothes faster. This speeds up the cycle, so you can get more done with your day.Wash at cooler temperaturesDon’t you hate it when your favourite jumper shrinks after a wash? In the WD90N645OOX air, water and detergent are mixed together to create bubbles. The ecobubbles penetrate fabrics, creating the same effect as heating the water. This means washing can be done at lower temperatures, saving your jumper from becoming several sizes too small.If you’ve just come back from working out and your gym clothes need a more thorough wash than usual, you can apply the bubble soak mode to any wash. This adds additional soak time to the wash cycle, giving the ecobubbles a chance to seep into your clothes and massage out any stains and smells.AddWash doorThere’s few things in life more frustrating than starting a wash, only to realise you’ve left out a single sock that will have to wait for the next load. The washer dryer has a one-way door built into the front, so you can toss that sock in even after the wash has started. It’s also useful for pouring in some extra detergent, or waiting for the final rinse to add in a precious garment.Smart controlIt’s much easier to get through your laundry if the cycle finishes just as you get home. If you know when you’re going to be getting in, you can set the delay timer, or use your smartphone like a remote control that works anywhere.The SmartThings app lets you start the WD90N645OOX while you’re sat in the office, and monitor its progress on the commute back home. You’ll know when it’s finished, so you can text your partner to remind them that their favourite outfit is ready to go.

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Samsung WD90N645OOX QuickDrive 9kg Wash 5kg Dry 1400rpm Freestanding Washer Dryer With AddWash - Graphite

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Warranty 5 year.
Color White
Energy Efficiency Class A

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5 year.




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