MIELE Complete C3 Pure Power Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner – Black, Black


Powerful cleaning performanceClean dirt and dust on both carpeted and hard floors, with the Miele Complete C3 Pure Power Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner. Combining a tight seal with the air flow, the floorhead delivers strong suction to achieve impressive results even on the lowest power setting.AirClean filter With 890 W of power, the Miele Complete C3 Pure Power will effortlessly remove even the most stubborn dirt from all manner of surfaces. And thanks to its AirClean filter, it won’t recirculate dust back into the air you breathe. The vacuum cleaner efficiently removes 99.9% of fine dust, so that the air in your home is as clean as your freshly-vacuumed flooring. Large operating radius Vacuuming around the house can be time-consuming when you constantly need to switch plug-points. Thanks to the Miele Complete C3 Pure Power Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner large operating radius of 12 metres, you won’t need to switch so frequently. Achieve quicker, cleaner results from fewer power sources. Easy to use Anyone can get to grips with the Miele Complete C3 Vacuum Cleaner. Thanks to its ergonomic design and 360┬░ rotating hose, the vacuum cleaner feels comfortable to use whether you’re left or right-handed. The controls are simple and can be found at the bottom of the unit, with images to illustrate cleaning options. You won’t need to manually rewind the cable, either. Simply press the foot pedal and the vacuum cleaner will automatically rewind it for you. Additional accessories Those tricky corners and fabrics aren’t so tough to clean anymore with the Miele Complete C3 Pure Power. With the crevice nozzle and dusting brush, it’s easy to remove the dust and cobwebs that commonly form around the corners and skirting boards. The upholstery tool makes light work of cleaning sofas and fabrics, while every accessory can be comfortably stored in the vacuum cleaner, for simple storage when you’re done.Please note: AirClean system retains 99.9% of fine dust (in accordance with EN 60312-1).

Last updated on 13 April 2024 12:56 am

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