HOOVER Dynamic Next DX HY10A2TKE Smart 10 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer – White with Tinted Door, White


Top features:- Smart features make managing your appliance easy- Sensor drying cycles offer you flexibility when drying your clothes- Extra-large porthole makes loading and unloading a breeze- Save money on utilities thanks to the heat pump technologySmart featuresFor easy and convenient use of your appliance, take advantage of the Hoover Dynamic Next DX HY10A2TKE Smart 10 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer’s smart features. With the Hoover Wizard App, you can monitor how much energy is being used, delay the end of the cycle, and clean the filters even when you are away from home. This means that you can make sure your clothes are getting the best dry possible anytime, anywhere.The 24-hour start delay lets you set when you want your cycle to begin, so you can take advantage of cheaper electricity tariff rates without staying up to all hours of the night. Additionally, you can wake up with nice warm clothes straight from the dryer to start your day the right way.Sensor dryingWith four different levels of sensor dry technology, you can pick exactly how dry you want your clothes to be. The sensors measure the moisture inside the drum and stop the cycle automatically once the optimal level of dryness is reached, saving you time and energy by not over-drying your clothes.Need your clothes in a hurry? No problem. The Rapid 30′ cycle gets your outfit dry and looking good in only 30 minutes, so you are ready and looking sharp for work.Don’t spend a fortune getting your nice wool sweater dry-cleaned. The Dynamic Next DX HY10A2TKE comes with a special wool cycle to keep wool soft and protected, so your favourite scarf looks brand new for longer.Feeling a bit lazy? The All in One cycle is the choice for you. This innovative cycle lets you mix your linens and notifies you once the lighter linens are finished, so that you can take them out and let your heavier fabrics continue their cycle. This saves you time separating all your fabrics and lets you knock out your bedding and clothes in one go.Extra-large portholeLoading and unloading the 10 kg drum is easy using the extra-large porthole. This dryer is designed to put less stress on your body during the loading and unloading process by letting you put more clothes in at one time, so you can get on with the rest of your day pain-free.Save money on utilitiesCut down on your energy bill thanks to the heat pump technology. The Dynamic Next DX HY10A2TKE has an impressive A++ energy rating, delivering an efficient performance that helps you to hang on to your hard-earned money while helping the environment.For even more savings, take advantage of the Eco-speed technology, which reduces the drying time by up to 35%. This technology still delivers an excellent quality dry while helping you get your favourite clothes out faster and more efficiently. DX HY10A2TKE

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Hoover DXHY10A2TKE Dynamic Next Aquavision With One Touch 10kg Freestanding Hybrid Heat Pump Condenser - White

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Energy Efficiency Class A++

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