H-FREE 800 HF822OF Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Gold, Gold


Clean with confidenceMake sure your whole home looks pristine with the Hoover H-FREE 800 HF822OF Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. It separates larger particles from finer dust and creates a powerful airflow to make sure you don’t miss anything. There’s even LED lights to help you check under furniture and in dark corners.Dust, debris and hair is pushed to the bottom, making it easier to empty the bin when the time comes.WiFi connectivityUsing your home WiFi, the H-FREE 800 can connect wirelessly to your phone. Simply download the Hoover Wizard app and you’ll be able to check the battery level, receive notifications when it’s time to clean and even set parental controls to stop the little ones from playing with the vacuum cleaner.It even offers hints and tips on how best to clean different surfaces.35 minutes of battery lifeWith a 35 minute run time, you can clean more rooms in one go. Then you can choose to either charge the batter directly in the vacuum cleaner, or remove it and recharge directly from a power socket.

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Hoover H-FREE 800 3-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, HF822OF, Pets, Turbo, Car, Powerful, Smart, Wi-Fi app

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  • Smart technology - Wi-Fi app keeps you updated on your vacuum's performance and maintenance, as well as giving access to additional settings
  • Hygienic emptying - HSpin-Core+ technology uses its own motor to separate dirt with an additional air flow, driving dust, residues and hair down to the bottom of the container. This makes it easy to empty without coming into contact with dust.
  • Fully accessorised – Included is a motorised mini turbo brush and a selection of tools to tackle cleaning tasks all over your home and car
  • Constant performance - The brushless motor ensures no loss of suction, with up to 35 minutes of cordless cleaning power
  • All Hoover products are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months; please register your appliance with Hoover

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