Top features: – SoftWater technology maintains the original quality of your garments – Expert cleaning with pre-mixed detergent technology – Reduce wrinkles and refresh clothes with the ProSteam programme – Tailored washes with ProSense technology SoftWater technology Preserve the colour, shape and feel of your favourite garments with AEG’s SoftWater technology, which purifies water so that you can enjoy 60 degree cleaning performance at just 30 degrees. By filtering impurities from the mains water, the SoftWater technology keeps fabrics soft and colours looking vibrant, wash after wash. Expert cleaning To make sure that everything you wash is expertly cared for, the AEG SoftWater 9000 features OkoMix technology, which pre-mixes your detergent and fabric softener with water before it gets released into the drum.This helps the full cleaning power of your detergent soak into every fabric, so that everything is cleaned as effectively as possible. Reduce wrinkles and refresh clothes Refresh your favourite outfit for a spontaneous night out or reduce wrinkles in shirts to cut down on ironing with AEG’s ProSteam technology. Able to reduce creases in your fabrics by up to 30%, the steam programme makes it easy to keep your clothes looking great. Tailored washes By automatically adjusting the time, water and energy used for each wash, ProSense technology tailors the cycle to suit every load. Whether you’re washing a quarter load or a full 9 kg, this AEG Washing Machine measures your laundry and adjusts the cycle – for accurate washes that don’t waste water.

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AEG L9FEC966R 9kg 1600rpm ProSense Washing Machine

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Color White
Energy Efficiency Class A+++

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