MIELE G4268SCVi XXL Full Size Fully Integrated Dishwasher


Top features: – Automatic wash does away with complicated program options – Energy efficiency keeps your energy bills low – Cutlery options help you make the most of the available space – Adjustable upper basket creates flexibility for loading different crockery – Easy door holds at whatever position you leave it in Automatic washDon’t waste time fussing around with different programs and functions. Just hit Start, and the Miele G4268SCVi XXL Full Size Fully Integrated Dishwasher will sort out the rest. It uses a sensor to measure the dirtiness of the water, and adjusts the temperature and timing to get your plates clean without wasting time and energy. It can adjust settings to within one minute, one litre of water and 1°C, so you can just the exact wash you need.Energy efficiencyThe Miele G4268SCVi XXL Dishwasher can be plumbed directly into your hot water supply, saving the energy that’s normally spent on heating the water. You can take advantage of cheaper night time electricity tariffs with the delay start. Let the dishwasher run at night, and your bowls will be ready for breakfast in the morning.Cutlery optionsIt’s easy to slot knives and forks into the Miele G4268SCVi’s cutlery basket, which holds them securely for optimum washing. There’s also a separate tray at the top of the dishwasher with extra space for cutlery. The lower cutlery basket can then be removed when you need more room for pots and pans.Adjustable upper basketPlenty of crockery fits into the upper basket, which has nine different positions for ultimate flexibility. You can make more room on top for wine glasses, or extra space beneath for big pots and pans.Easy doorThe door opens with very little effort, and will stay at whatever angle you leave it. You can just crack the door open to add a few mugs, and not worry about it clanging to the floor.

Last updated on 13 July 2024 5:54 pm

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