KENWOOD KID60S18 Full-size Fully Integrated Dishwasher


Top features:- Energy efficient build doesn’t waste energy – Convenient features let you set the dishwasher to your schedule – Adapts to your dishes with nine programmes to choose form – Auto smart washes change water temperatures to match your needs Energy efficientThe Kenwood KID60S18 Full-size Fully Integrated Dishwasher has been given an A++ energy rating for its ability to get everything washed to a high standard whilst being efficient. You get to do your bit for the environment, without sacrificing performance.ConvenientDesigned for convenience, you can set a delay timer of up to 19 hours. This means you can load it before bed, and set it to finish just in time for breakfast. To make maintaining the Kenwood KID60S18 Dishwasher simpler, there are indicator lights to let you know when the salt or rinse aid need topping up.Adapts to your dishesYou can choose from nine different programmes to suit the load you have. If you’re getting close to dinner and don’t have enough plates, a high temperature wash can be knocked out in under an hour. When your dishes need some extra care, the hygiene programme focuses on killing off bacteria.Auto smart washesSensors pick up on how heavily soiled the dishes are, and the Kenwood KID60S18 adjusts the time and temperature accordingly. Lighter loads will use less energy, while the dirtiest dishes get extra attention.

Last updated on 13 July 2024 6:54 pm

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