GRUNDIG GNF41620B Full-size Dishwasher – Black, Black


Top features: – Quick wash cleans your crockery in under an hour – Basket flexibility for easy and convenient loading – Auto Program uses the optimum water temperature and cycle length Quick wash Restore your crockery to sparkling cleanliness with the Grundig GNF41620B Full-size Dishwasher. Whether you’ve got a full load of washing or only a few plates and glasses, there’s a function for you. Quick wash will reach every place setting and have your full load of cookware and crockery clean in just 58 minutes. You won’t need to wait for a full dishwasher, either – the GNF41620B will clean a half load in just half an hour. And for caked on stains that need removing in a rush, try the Express function. It’ll increase water pressure to work away the most stubborn dirt, cutting program durations by up to 70%. Basket flexibility Whatever you need cleaned, it’s guaranteed to fit in your Grundig GNF41620B Full-size Dishwasher thanks to the height adjustable top basket. Clean baking trays and pyrex dishes in the lower rack by moving the top basket higher. Or, for long stem wine glasses, move the basket lower. You won’t need to unload and reload the contents if there’s something you’ve missed. The basket can be moved higher or lower when fully loaded, saving you time and hassle in the kitchen. Auto ProgramYou’ll never have to tamper with the temperature of the water or duration of your cycle when you use the Grundig GNF41620B. The dishwasher assesses the level of dirt on your dishes to determine the optimum water temperature and cycle duration for your crockery. That means that you only use the energy and water you need for the wash load you have. You’ll get consistently perfect results without needing to readjust settings every time you wash your kitchenware.

Last updated on 18 May 2024 8:59 am

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