AMICA AWT714S Integrated 7 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine, White


Top features:- Wash efficiency saves on water and energy usage – 16 washing programs for all kinds of laundry – Prewashing option deals with the toughest of stains – Sensors track the amount of water and laundry for greater efficiency Wash efficiencyWant to save the environment, and some cash, with no change to your daily routine? With a wash efficiency rating of A+++, you know that the Amica AWT714S Integrated 7 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine is using exactly as much water and energy as is required. Not a drop wasted.16 washing programsA selection of programs let you adjust the wash to match your laundry. The cotton system is designed to wash white and colourful cotton items without losing whiteness or brightness.Don’t have time to separate clothes, or not enough clothes for multiple loads? The mix program will wash everything together, so you can throw in jeans alongside socks and shirts and have them all ready to wear. The hand wash program washes at a cool temperature and doesn’t pump out the water. With careful draining, your delicate clothing is protected.PrewashingSome clothes require more than an ordinary wash. A rugby kit that’s seen too many games, a ‘favourite’ t-shirt that gets worn every day, or just the coat you had on when you fell over in the rain.Prewashing gives very dirty clothes the chance to soak in detergent before the main wash program starts, which loosens stains and dirt. Whether you can convince your partner to relinquish their favourite t-shirt for long enough is up to you, though.SensorsThe overflow sensor tracks water levels in the machine, so you’ll never have to deal with water escaping during washing. To keep things efficient, a weight sensor knows how much laundry you put in, and adjusts water and energy usage to match.

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Amica 7kg 1400rpm Integrated Washing Machine

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Warranty 2 year.
Color White
Energy Efficiency Class A+++

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2 year.




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