AEG Tumble Dryer AbsoluteCare T8DSC869C Heat Pump – White, White


Top features: – Specific cycles for every fabric with the AbsoluteCare system – Low temperature drying helps to save energy – Sensor drying adjusts the cycle time for each load – Tailored programs for woollens, silks and water repellent fabrics Specific cycles for every fabric Keep all of your laundry looking and feeling at their best with the AEG AbsoluteCare T8DSC869C Heat Pump Tumble Dryer. Every fabric has specific requirements and so to keep your clothes in great shape, the AbsoluteCare system controls the precise movements of the drum as well as the temperature of the drying – for a tailored cycle that suits each type of fabric. Low temperature drying Make sure that your fabrics are never unnecessarily heated with AEG’s SensiDry technology, which allows for drying at much lower temperatures than traditional dryers. The lower temperatures save energy and ensure that your clothes maintain their original textures for longer. Sensor drying To prevent any accidental damage to your laundry, ProSense technology adjusts the drying time and energy consumption to each load size using humidity and temperature sensors – so that your clothes are always perfectly dried without wasting any energy. Tailored programs Dry your woollen items without fear of shrinkage or felting with the tailored wool program, which has a fast drum speed that replicates flat drying, with no harmful movements that might agitate the fibres. To care for and reduce wrinkles in silk items, the silk program runs the drum at low speeds and temperatures in a gentle and efficient way. The outdoor cycle is perfect for drying your water repellent outdoor gear. Designed to be more effective than air drying, the dryer applies an exact temperature so that any water repellency in your garments is reactivated after washing.

Last updated on 25 May 2024 1:54 am

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