Top features: – Reduce wrinkles and refresh clothes with ProSteam technology – Tailored washes with ProSense technology – Premium certifications from Woolmark, Lenor & Ariel Reduce wrinkles and refresh clothes Reduce wrinkles from shirts and cut down on ironing with the AEG ProSteam L7FEC146R Washing Machine, which uses ProSteam technology to reduce wrinkles by up to 30%. The steam program makes it effortlessly easy to keep your clothes looking great so that you can freshen up an outfit in no time. Tailored washes Tailor every cycle to suit each load of laundry with ProSense technology, which automatically adjusts the time, amount of water and energy used for each wash. Whether you’re washing a quarter load quick wash or a large 10 kg, the AEG Washing Machine measures your laundry and adjusts the cycle for accurate washes that don’t waste water. To make sure that everything feels soft, the SoftPlus option improves the dispersion of your softener throughout the load, then adds an extra rinse to protect clothes and keep them feeling great. Premium certifications Delicate enough to look after woollen fabrics that would typically be hand wash only, the special Wool program replicates hand drying and is Blue Woolmark certified for gentle washing. Ariel and Lenor have also awarded the AEG ProSteam L7FEC146R Washing Machine with a Premium Certification for great cleaning performance.

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AEG L7FEC146R 7000 Series Freestanding Washing Machine with ProSteam Technology, 10kg load, 1400rpm spin, White, Decibel rating: 51, EU Acoustic Class: A

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  • LESS IRONING. CLOTHES REFRESHED - The short, gentle steam programme safely removes odours as well as reducing creases by up to one third, cutting down on dry-cleaning and ironing meaning less wear on fibres. This in turn helps you to extend the life of your clothes. Keep your clothes looking and feeling impeccable, every day with our ProSteam Technology
  • SAVE WATER AND ENERGY - ProSense technology automatically weighs each load to provide a tailored cycle. Sensors adjust washing times precisely with just the right amount of water used, ensuring optimum treatment for every garment whilst saving water and energy
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT WASHING IN THE QUICKEST TIME POSSIBLE - Many Eco programmes save you energy. The Eco TimeSave also saves you time. The programme allows you to select ECO and TimeSave options together, giving you an energy efficient wash that’s as quick as possible
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - The energy-efficient Ă–KOInverter motor offers you the highest efficiency and durability and ensures superior performance, whatever programme you select
  • ENJOY THE FEELING OF SOFTER CLOTHES - This washing machine gets results you’ll notice as soon as the last spin is over. SoftPlus makes sure that softener reaches every part of the fabric when it enters the drum, it helps your clothes feel softer, silkier, and smoother than ever before, while protecting fibres and prolonging the life of every garment

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